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Enjoy Your Dream Holiday Now!

How many times have you watched a beach tropical setting on TV and wished you were there?

. . . a peaceful Philippine beach resort with beautiful sunsets, palm trees swaying in the breeze, the waves breaking gently on a pristine beach. Well, now your wish can come true!

Picture this . . .

It is almost sunset. You are sitting in our restaurant looking out over the water at the local fishing boats. You take a sip of your favorite ice-cold drink.

Only a few meters away the waves are lapping gently on the beach and children are splashing in the shallow water. The setting sun is giving the clouds a golden glow.

Soon the BBQ will start - it's the one you have been waiting for all day - Bali Hai's famous Mongolian BBQ.

Your wife reaches over and takes your hand, "My Dear," she says, "have we just found paradise?"

Here in our Philippine beach resort you will find a tropical paradise:

People travel to Bali Hai's Philippine Beach Resort from all over the world. Many return each year to enjoy our hospitality, our food, and our tropical atmosphere. Many of our guests stay for months; some for years.

our Philippine beach resort swimming pool

Our resort is the premier resort in the Bauang - San Fernando area of the Philippines. Set in lush tropical gardens overlooking the South China Sea we offer you air-conditioned bungalows, a 24 hour bar and restaurant, a swimming pool, cable TV, in-room cable Internet and Wi-Fi, tours, and much more.

Tourists often describe this area as the best kept secret in the Philippines. Beach resort testimonials confirm this ...

Come and discover it yourself!

 Yes, now you can make the most of your Philippine vacation ...

From Bali Hai's central location you will have easy access to shopping centers, the new golf course, the casino, the Ma-Cho Chinese Temple, and many tourist services - see our Activities Page for more details.

If you want to go exploring we can supply you with a private van and driver, plus picnic lunches and cold drinks. You will be able to explore places such as Baguio, the Rice Terraces, and the historic northern towns of Luna, Vigan and Laoag.

Bali Hai ist offen für menschen aus der ganzen welt. Viele gäste kommen jedes jahr zurück um die freude und gute betreuung, das essen und die atmosphäre in diesem tropischen paradies zu genieben.

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Our Testimonials

Ambassador of Australia - Certificate of Appreciation

"Presented to Bill Forgan (Manager, Bali Hai) as a mark of gratitude in recognition of your contribution to the Consular Warden in the Republic of the Philippines."

... Ruth Pearce, Ambassador of Australia

"Whether you are a permanent resident or a tourist come to live here ... you will certainly appreciate the unique situation of the resort just by the sea.

"Bali Hai is surrounded by a paradise-like spacious garden with all kinds of tropical plants and flowers, with little benches where you can have a drink at your ease and watch your children play ... when the day draws to an end nobody wants to miss the sunset scenery which has become famous over here.

"[I am] a 'regular' who, as a retiree, divides his time between his home country, Switzerland and the Philippines, and whose stays usually stretch over two or three months at a time...."

. . . Fritz Bossart, Switzerland