Philippine Travel Articles

The Internet is a wonderful resource for anyone looking for information. We come across many articles about the  Philippines and travel, and occasionally publish these on the Bali Hai web site.

Here is a list of articles currently on our web site:

  • Departing from Manila's International Airport
    Here is an 8-step checklist that explains the procedures you will have to go through when departing from Manila's International Airport.
  • Philippine Tricycles - a Complete Guide
    Tricycles are motorcycles with sidecars, either for carrying passengers or for carrying goods. Tricycles, usually referred to as trics (pronounced “trikes”), have become another Philippine icon. They were originally designed to operate on small back-roads where jeepneys or buses were not permitted, but today you will find trics everywhere, even on national highways.
  • Philippine Jeepneys - a Complete Guide
    At the end of WWII when American troops were leaving the Philippines, they left behind hundreds of Jeeps. With typical Filipino ingenuity the locals quickly modified them to carry more passengers, decorated them with flamboyant colors and ornaments, and used them as minibuses. Since then the jeepney has become the most popular public transport vehicle in the country.
  • A Trip to Luna, La Union
    Turn The Clock Back - Take A Trip To Luna, La Union Visit Our Lady of Namacpacan Church See the famous Pebble Beach and the Old Spanish Watchtower
  • Medical Tourism in the Philippines
    "Medical Tourism" (also called Health Tourism) is all about taking a vacation and getting medical treatment at the same time.
  • Your Banca Boat Trip
    Different types of banca boat trips from Bali Hai
  • How to Stay Street Smart in the Philippines
    The Philippines is a wonderful place for a vacation, but like all other places it pays to take precautions against theft. Here you will find a list of things to keep you street smart.
  • Top Ways to Travel Light on Your Next Holiday
    If you want to enjoy your holiday the number one secret is to take only what you need. Here is how to pack light and travel easily.
  • Top 10 Reasons to Visit the Philippines
    Here you will find tropical islands, pristine white beaches, scenic sunsets, challenging surf sites, clear dive sites, beautiful mountains, and unique wildlife - natural jewels in a tropical setting.
  • Food in the Philippines
    When it comes to food the Philippines has it all - a fabulous mix of foreign cuisine and its own mouth watering delicacies. Come and discover it now!
  • The Family
    A story of Filipino hospitality and how a visitor was able to share the spirit of family well above anything he had encountered before.
  • The Philippines: Through the Eyes of a Child
    How the Philippines gave the writer a new outlook on life.
  • The Hag of Dulag
    The "truth" about General Douglas MacArthur's landing in Palo, Leyte in October 1944
  • And The Chili Winner Is ...
    The story of how the newbie cooks from Koala Lodge won the 2004 Chili Cookoff with only a basic recipe.
  • The Fishermen of Bauang
    This is the story of the fishermen of Bauang. The Bauang beach is between the villages of Paringao and Pagdalagan in the Province of La Union, the Philippines.
  • The Old World Charm Of Ilocos
    A trip to the province of Ilocos is like treading back in time. Not only for the Spanish colonial houses, but for the simple, laid-back feel of the towns and its people.
  • The Soldier Who Saved Vigan
    Vigan, the third oldest Spanish settlement in the Philippines. Established in 1574 by the conquistador Juan de Salcedo, it lies on the West Coast of Luzon about 400 kilometers north of Manila.
  • The Madam of Malapacau
    Malapacau Island is part the El Nido Marine Reserve - eighteen islands set in a sparkling jade and turquoise universe. Its devotees say it is the most beautiful part of the Philippines.
  • The Saigon Queen
    The story of The San Fabian Yacht Club that was constructed around a Vietnamese refugee boat, The Saigon Queen, that came ashore by the Agoo Playa Hotel in the Lingayen Gulf..
  • A Mt. Pinatubo Story
    In June 1991, after lying dormant for 600 years, the volcano, Mt. Pinatubo, erupted with a violence that shocked the world.

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