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Other Cookoff Information



There will be a Team Captain's Meeting on Friday, Nov. 24, 2017, at twelve noon at Bali Hai. 

Topics for discussion:


1. Accept late entries.

2. Review Rules.

3. Assign Cooking locations.

4. Provide team shirts.

5. Answer questions.



The theme for this year's 26th Annual Chili Cook Off is “Toot Toot Chili "

Utot Chili

The Cookoff Mascot is "Utot Train"



All judging will be strictly on merit.  (Judging criteria, aroma, texture, color, taste, etc.)  The mere appearance of favoritism on the part of a judge will result in his, or her, dismissal. 


Chili Judges must: 

1) Be chili fans 

2) Be neutral on beans in chili 

3) Sober


Miss Chili Pepper  

To help fill the time between cook fires off and the Chili judges completion, there will be a bikini contest.  Contestants will be judged solely on their appearance.  There is no additional fee for entry into this contest.


Miss Chili Pepper Judges must: 

1) Pay P500 for their choice seats 

2) Not be a member of a team, or organization which has a contestant entered 

3) Sober