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Where to find the best surfing spots in La Union, Philippines

With 7,107 Islands and a coastline twice that of the United States, the Philippines is Asia's surfing capital.

Where to start
With all those islands to choose from you must be wondering where to start. Well, look no further. Here is an introduction to an area that gets the country's most consistent waves.

Your Surfing Paradise - San Juan
The area is in San Juan, the surfing paradise of La Union, just north of San Fernando City. And it's not too far from Manila.

San Juan is blessed with two Surfing Seasons, July to October during the South West Monsoon, and November to March during the North East Monsoon.

If you need to know more about the surf conditions click here for both the current report and forecast conditions.

For both experienced surfers and beginners
But this area is not only for experienced surfers, it's ideal for those of you who just want to learn surfing.

Here expert instructors offer beginners some of the world's cheapest surf lessons on perfect learners' waves.

Travel light
And you don't have to lug those huge boards all the way - you can either rent or buy your surfing gear at several of the resorts or surf schools.

Of course if you have a board you simply can't do without, by all means bring it along.

Convenient location
Another advantage of this surfing area is its close access to shops. Only a few kilometres south you will find the CSI Shopping Mall with restaurants, a huge array of shops, and a supermarket.

And only 6 kilometers to the north lies Bacnotan town.

So hop on a jeepney and in about 10 minutes you'll be there - and shopping.

Let Bali Hai help you go surfing:

Before heading off to the surfing area, break your trip at Bali Hai and relax in our tropical resort.

Since Bali Hai is only 11 kilometers from the surfing area, getting there is quick and easy.

But it gets better ...

Here are 5 ways Bali Hai can help you:

1. We can arrange transport to Bali Hai
2. Provide you with transport to the surfing resorts
3. Recommend surf resorts
4. Book surf resort rooms for you
5. Book surfing lessons for you

So there you have it. You now know where to find the best surfing spots in La Union for both experienced surfers and beginners.

And you know that Bali Hai is happy to help you arrange your surfing trip.

Just give us a call or contact us here.

Happy surfing!

Lonely Planet review of Bali Hai:
A long-time favourite, this place continues to hold the title of best-looking resort in Bauang. The low-slung restaurant with overhanging nipa roof is a great place to watch the sun set or wait out a thunderstorm.

Most lodging takes the form of comfortable-enough duplex cottages with bamboo porches facing the sea; Wi-Fi is available for free.

Our independent authors have visited Bali Hai Beach Resort and selected this as one of our recommended hotels in San Fernando (La Union).

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