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The G-G Harvest

Four small bancas tow the mother ship to the fishing grounds. The mother ship is a 50 foot banca packed to the gunwales. She has no engine and carries no ice - there isn't room. Aboard, the crew of 15 fishermen prepare for the harvest: they make ready the 300 metre long maroon net and its floats, the dozens of bamboo fish baskets, and the dynamite.

At the chosen marker they check the wind and current before deploying the net. A diver goes down and checks the galong gong, the trap alignment, and directs last minute adjustments to the net if necessary. Once he's safely up the first dynamite charge goes down. This is a small stun charge, and may be all that's needed.

Another check below, perhaps another dynamite charge, and the net closes in - it's harvest time.

Allan Miller
4 June 2008

Copyright © 1993 Allan Miller

 Article originally published in Fragrant Harbour, 1993

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