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The club has reciprocal privileges with several overseas clubs and would welcome contacts with others. It would also welcome visits from cruising yachts.

The club is non-profit making. Any profits will be put towards community projects. Exactly what form these will take is uncertain. "But no cash handouts," Wally says emphatically. "Perhaps help for handicapped kids through Rotary, or maybe sail training."

Sail training may be a problem - only four members have boats. Bonnie Sison ownes a power boat more suited to catching marlin than training kids. His brother, Kuga, owns a large banca. Don owns a 40 foot converted life boat from the ill-fated Queen Elizabeth, and he and Wally share a CT41 ketch that Don is repairing in San Fernando.

A problem? "Hell, that ain't no problem," says Wally as he leans forward. "Let me tell you a story . . ."

Allan Miller
8 June 2008

Copyright © 1993 Allan Miller 

Article originally published in Fragrant Harbour, 1993

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